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About Company – EPACK Durable

EPACK Durable Limited, established in Noida in 2019, has emerged as a swiftly expanding player in the Indian room air conditioner manufacturing sector. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the fastest-growing Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) based on production volume growth between the financial years 2020 and 2023. In the Indian air conditioner market, EPACK Durable Limited has secured the position of the second-largest ODM manufacturer, boasting a substantial 29% market share in terms of production volume in FY 2023.

Recognizing opportunities to enhance customer value, the company diversified its manufacturing portfolio by venturing into the production of various components such as sheet metal, injection-molded parts, cross-flow fans, and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) components. These components are integral to the air conditioner manufacturing process. Concurrently, leveraging its existing production infrastructure, the company strategically expanded into the small household appliance market. This move aligns with the seasonal demand for items like lighting fixtures. EPACK Durable Limited is actively engaged in the development and production of induction cooktops, grinders, and water dispensers, demonstrating a commitment to backward integration and revenue stream diversification.

A noteworthy aspect of the company’s operations is its two vertically integrated production sites. This configuration facilitates cost-effective operations and efficient logistics management. EPACK Durable Limited leverages its manufacturing capabilities at a single site, where both component manufacturing and product assembly occur in tandem. This integration represents a significant achievement, as the company has organically grown to possess the highest degree of backward integration for Room Air Conditioners (RACs) within a single company and site in India.

What EPACK Durable IPO intend to achieve

  • Customer Relations: Established and enduring relationships with current customers, providing a solid foundation for potential expansion into new markets.
  • Industry Standing: Among the largest players in the high-growth Room Air Conditioner (RAC) and Small Domestic Appliance (SDA) manufacturing industries, benefiting from substantial entry barriers.
  • Integrated Manufacturing: Advanced vertically integrated manufacturing operations covering the entire RAC and SDA value chain, showcasing a comprehensive product portfolio.
  • Innovation Capabilities: Strong capabilities in product development and design optimization, ensuring our products remain competitive and aligned with market demands.
  • Experienced Leadership: Supported by experienced promoters and a senior management team with a proven track record of high performance, contributing to sustained growth and leadership in the industry.

EPACK Durable IPO Details

IPO Issue Price:₹218.00-230.00 Per Share
IPO Issue Size:₹640.05 Cr
Offer for Sale:₹240.05 Cr
Fresh Issue:₹400.00 Cr
Face Value:₹10 Per Equity Share
Promoter Holding Pre IPO:85.49%
Promoter Holding Post IPO:65.36%

EPACK Durable IPO key Dates

IPO ActivityDate
Basis of Allotment Date24th Jan 2024
Refunds Initiation25th Jan 2024
Credit of Shares to Demat25th Jan 2024
IPO Listing Date29th Jan 2024

EPACK Durable IPO Lots

IPO Activity
Issue Price₹218.00-230.00
Market Lot:65 Shares
1 Lot Amount:₹14950
Min Small HNI Lots(2-10 Lakh):910 shares (14 lots)
Min Big HNI Lots(10+ Lakh):4355 shares (67 lots)

EPACK Durable IPO Objective

The company intends to allocate the net proceeds from the Fresh Issue for the following purposes:

  1. Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities: Utilizing funds for capital expenditure to facilitate the expansion or establishment of manufacturing facilities.
  2. Loan Repayment: Repaying, either partially or in full, specific outstanding loans held by the company.
  3. General Corporate Purposes: Applying funds for general corporate needs and initiatives.

EPACK Durable Limited Financial Information (Restated)

EPACK Durable Limited experienced a significant growth in its financial performance, with a remarkable 66.09% increase in revenue and an impressive 83.39% rise in Profit After Tax (PAT) between the fiscal years ending on March 31, 2023, and March 31, 2022.

Period Ended31 Mar 202131 Mar 202231 Mar 202330 Sep 2023
Profit After Tax7.8017.4331.972.65
Net Worth68.91121.87313.62478.31
Reserves and Surplus
Total Borrowing238.56383.98492.45369.57

Personal opinion

The IPO for EPACK Durable Limited, backed by its impressive financial performance, appears to be a compelling investment opportunity. The substantial 66.09% surge in revenue and an even more noteworthy 83.39% increase in Profit After Tax (PAT) between March 2022 and March 2023 underscore the company’s robust financial health and growth trajectory.

The decision to utilize the net proceeds for capital expenditure in expanding or establishing manufacturing facilities aligns with the company’s strategic vision. This indicates a commitment to scaling operations to meet increasing demand, potentially resulting in enhanced market share.

Furthermore, the allocation of funds for loan repayment reflects a prudent financial strategy, contributing to a healthier balance sheet and reducing financial obligations. The company’s proactive approach to managing its financial structure is likely to instill confidence among potential investors.

Incorporating diversified objectives, including general corporate purposes, showcases a well-rounded approach to utilizing the IPO funds. This flexibility indicates a readiness to seize emerging opportunities or address unforeseen challenges in the dynamic business landscape.

While any investment involves inherent risks, EPACK Durable Limited’s positive financial indicators and strategic allocation of IPO proceeds make a compelling case for consideration. Investors may find this IPO attractive not only for its potential returns but also for the company’s demonstrated ability to adapt and capitalize on market trends.

How to subscribe to EPACK Durable IPO with Zerodha

erodha allows to apply online in IPOs via their back office software “console”. UPI payment mode is to be used to apply online through Zerodha. To purchase EPACK Durable IPO with Zerodha, you must be Zerodha customer and have UPI payment setup

when will EPACK Durable IPO be allotted

EPACK Durable IPO Allotment Date is 24-01-2024.

what is current GMP of EPACK Durable IPO

Once it will be know it will be posted here, so check in 1-2 days

Is EPACK Durable IPO good or bad ?

personally, I will be applying – the company’s growth is fabulous.

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