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Founded in 1993, Aeroflex Industries Limited’s IPO (formerly Suyog Intermediates Private Limited) has been a key player in the manufacturing and supply of environmentally conscious metallic flexible flow solution products.

Diverse Product Portfolio and Extensive Offerings

The company offers a wide range of products tailored to various industrial needs:

  • Braided hoses
  • Unbraided hoses
  • Solar hoses
  • Gas hoses
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Braiding
  • Interlock hoses
  • Hose assemblies
  • Lancing hose assemblies
  • Jacketed hose assemblies
  • Exhaust connectors
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) tubes
  • Expansion bellows
  • Compensators
  • Related end fittings

As of March 31, 2023, Aeroflex Industries Limited boasts an impressive product portfolio featuring over 1,700 distinct Product SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), underscoring its commitment to catering to a diverse range of requirements.Read More

ipo for areoflex industries ltd

Aeroflex Industries Details

Aeroflex Industries is set to launch through a Book Built Issue, symbolizing a dynamic and participatory approach to capital raising. The IPO boasts the following key details:

  • Total Issue Size: Rs 351.00 Crore
  • IPO Price Range: ₹102 to ₹108 per share
  • Listing Exchanges: BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange)

Invest in Aeroflex IPO at ₹102 to ₹108/share, listed on top Indian exchanges for transparency and growth.

IPO DateAug 22, 2023 to Aug 24, 2023
Listing DateThursday, 31 August 2023
Price₹102 to ₹108 per share
Lot Size130 Shares
Total Issue Size
(aggregating up to ₹351.00 Cr)
Fresh Issue15,000,000 shares
(aggregating up to ₹162.00 Cr)
Offer for Sale17,500,000 shares of ₹2
(aggregating up to ₹189.00 Cr)

Aeroflex Industries IPO Timetable (Tentative)

Mark Your Calendar: Aeroflex Industries IPO Dates

The eagerly awaited Aeroflex Industries IPO is just around the corner, with the following crucial dates:

  • IPO Opens: August 22, 2023
  • IPO Closes: August 24, 2023

Investors and enthusiasts alike have this limited window to participate in this significant financial event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Aeroflex Industries’ exciting journey by considering your investment during these dates.

IPO Open DateTuesday, 22 August 2023
IPO Close DateThursday, 24 August 2023
Basis of AllotmentTuesday, 29 August 2023
Initiation of RefundsWednesday, 30 August 2023
Credit of Shares to DematThursday, 31 August 2023
Listing DateThursday, 31 August 2023
Cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation5 PM on Aug 24, 2023
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Key Performance Indicator

P/E (x)40.91
EPS (Rs)2.64

Aeroflex Industries IPO Lot Size

The minimum lot size of this Aeroflex Industries IPO is 130 shares required is ₹14,040.

Retail (Min)1130₹14,040
Retail (Max)141820₹196,560
S-HNI (Min)151,950₹210,600
S-HNI (Max)719,230₹996,840
B-HNI (Min)729,360

Company Financials

Aeroflex Industries IPO Financial Information (Restated Consolidated)

Period Ended
31 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2021
31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2023
Profit After Tax
Net Worth
Reserves and Surplus
Reserves and Surplus
Amount in ₹ Crore

Objects of the Issue

The company intends to utilize the net proceeds from the issue towards the funding of the following objects:

  1. Full or part repayment and/or prepayment of certain outstanding secured borrowings (including foreclosure charges, if any) availed by the company,
  2. Funding working capital requirements of the company, and
  3. General corporate purposes and Unidentified Inorganic Acquisitions.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Review (I applied)

Aeroflex Industries IPO: A Strategic Overview

Aeroflex Industries: Leading with Growth

Aeroflex Industries, a major player with virtual monopoly, exhibits steady growth in revenue and profit. Over 80% of revenue comes from exports, holding EoU status. It’s a dividend-paying company, valuing shareholder rewards.

However, a closer examination of its financial performance suggests that the IPO might be fully priced, factoring in all the foreseeable positives in the near term. This could indicate that the market has already accounted for the potential benefits of the company’s current trajectory.

For investors who possess a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and the company’s positioning, there could be an opportunity to invest for medium to long-term gains. By carefully considering their investment strategy, well-informed investors can potentially position themselves for substantial rewards over time.

Aeroflex Industries IPO Subscription Status (Bidding Detail)

Aeroflex Industries IPO: Exceptional Subscription Numbers:

The excitement surrounding Aeroflex Industries IPO has translated into remarkable subscription figures, highlighting strong investor interest. As of August 24, 2023, at 3:35 PM, the IPO has been subscribed a staggering 90.42 times overall.

Category-wise Subscription:

  • Retail Category: 31.68 times
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB): 176.40 times
  • Non-Institutional Investors (NII): 125.17 times

These extraordinary subscription rates underscore the high demand for Aeroflex Industries shares across all investor categories.

ipo for areoflex industry

GMP(grey market premium)

Aeroflex Industries IPO: Estimated Listing and Potential Gains

As of August 24th, 2023, at 2:23 PM, the Grey Market Premium (GMP) for the Aeroflex Industries IPO stands at ₹72(+/-). With the IPO’s price band set at ₹108.00, this indicates that the estimated listing price would be ₹180 (cap price + today’s GMP). This points toward a potential gain of 66.67% per share in terms of percentage.

Further details for retail and Small HNI (High Net Worth Individual) categories are as follows:

  • Aeroflex Industries IPO Retail Subject to Sauda: ₹7100
  • Aeroflex Industries IPO Small HNI Subject to Sauda: ₹106500

These insights provide investors with valuable information to assess the current market sentiment and potential gains associated with the Aeroflex Industries IPO.

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